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Ylä-Savo Vocational College is part of Ylä-Savo Municipal Federation of Education. The Federation, composed of 9 municipalities, is the main provider of vocational upper secondary education and vocational adult education and the sole provider of vocational apprenticeship in the region. 

 Ylä-Savo Municipal Federation of Education was established in 1962. It provides educational services both for the youth and adult starting from one-day continuing education to double degrees in all the major branches of industry. The total number of students in vocational upper secondary education, adult education and vocational apprenticeship is 1,900 students per year. 

Ylä-Savo Municipal Federation of Education plays an active role as the developer of Ylä-Savo region. It takes actively part in regional ventures of both education sector and industrial life, which support the development of local industries as well as the development of staff and education provided by Ylä-Savo Vocational College, and strengthen co-operation between businesses and education sector. 

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YSAO   (Front page)
Hae opiskelemaan- Ammatilliset perustutkinnot   (Vocational qualifications)
Hae opiskelemaan- Hevosenhoitaja   (Groom vocational qualification)
Hae opiskelemaan- Ratsastuksenohjaaja   (Riding instructor vocational qualification)


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